Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was quite nervous as today is my first day at the Uni. Leaving The Company (mcm dalam Prison Break pulak) does made a big impact to myself..i miss my friends so much..i missed the chance to say goodbye to my immediate boss, as he left the office early yesterday. Fortunately, i got to see him early that morning, and thanked him for his support, encouragement and understanding. Susah nak cari bos yang baik macam dia,enough said..
And this morning, when i woke up i still couldn't believed that i am now no more an architect..i went to report duty to HR of Uni. early in the morning. Then, i went to the faculty and met my Programme Leader. Banyak dah kerja yang menanti..huhuhhu..i still haven't got my room yet, not until end of this month.
So far, from the time table given, i am free on Wednesday.. Monday and Thursday are Design Studio days.. Tuesday i'll have class half of the day (morning till noon). Friday will be from 8.30am to 11.30 am and 3.10pm to 6.00pm..time yang konon- konon free tu of coz kena buat paper, research and some other works too.
I know this is only a beginning of my latest journey.Hope it will better from the last one, insyaallah..

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  1. wish u luck...
    it doesn't mean 'the end of the world' if u are no more an atchitect...