Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sad to say that our second attempt failed..don't worry, we are both okay..nak kata sedih, mesti lah but life goes on.Kalau kata rezeki tu Allah nak bagi, bila- bila dia boleh bagi..cuma saya harap hati ni tabah dan tak putus asa. Frankly speaking, i don't like people to pity me on this issue. But i am blessed to have several friends who are very supportive and understanding- be it on this issue or others. Alhamdulillah..semoga doa- doa saya dimakbulkan Allah..


  1. kak aida..just believe in faith...god has his own plan...semua benda bersebab..kalau fikir2..maybe, now, dia tak izinkan..sebabnya, maybe, kak aida kena betul2 settle down dulu...after semua dah ok, maybe, should try once again..betul tk?..
    what ever it is..(sebak ni ) i really miss days back while you are in i have to be strong without you guys, you also have to be stonger than i am on dealing with this...cheer up!..miss u soo much!

  2. don't be so stressful ok.. Only He know what is the best to us...

  3. thank you..i'm ok,don't worry..