Thursday, July 30, 2009


it's been a while since i updated this blog..not that i'm too busy (yes, of course!) but for sure, lazy too..workplace is quite demanding, need to concentrate more and do tonnes of this and that.. although the university close for one week, i'm much busier than ever..the RIBA visit will be next week.hopefully all are ready by this weekend, insyaallah..the rest of the staffs are working very hard to get the accreditation, insyaallah.
regarding my personal life, something happened last week that make me mad on somenone. how could she say such things. how stupid!i don't know whether my perception on her could be the same after this.nak pandang muka pun malas tau tak.ngok ngek betul la.but at least i've told how i feel to en. husband, alhamdulillah he understand.
puasa month is just around the corner but i haven't finished the puasa ganti yet..will do it next week, harap semuanya ok.apa pun, baju raya ada yang dah siap and i'm so happy to see it..yeayyy!!

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  1. Salaam..kak aida..lama tk tgk blog kak aida..dina aa exam PTD tu yg kelam kabut sikit..membaca lah...browse politcian issues issues lah...pening2...nway, as for today, maybe nk gi jalan2 kat jln besh tau tingal brapa kerat je kat sini...boshhaaan!